Our Fleet

Sunshine cabs has  it roots in the North Vancouver community since 1981. And ever since, we have grown right along with it.  With a fleet of 68 vehicles, Sunshine Cabs is one of the most defined taxi fleets in the Lower Mainland.  We are equally equipped to cater to 1 person or for a full transportation solution event with a few hundred of your guests.  

We keep a fleet of modern, comfortable and eco-friendly vehicles, including fuel-efficient Toyota Corolla, hybrid versions of Toyota Prius and Toyota Sienna wheelchair and 5 passenger Vans.


Vehicle Identification Code

As per the Vehicle Identification Rule established by the Passenger Transportation Board we are required to publish a list of all Sunshine Cabs unit ID numbers as follows:

Unit IDs            
S101 S11 S27 S45 S62 S78 S125
S2 S12 S28 S46 S63 S79 S106
S3 S15 S31 S47 S64 S80 S107
S4 S18 S33 S48 S65 S85 S108
S5 S21 S35 S50 S68 S88 S115
S6 S22 S36 S51 S69 S98  
S7 S23 S38 S54 S70 S99  
S8 S24 S42 S55 S72 S102  
S9 S25 S43 S57 S75 S103  
S10 S26 S44 S58 S76 S104